InteroPageImage2“David Fantin is a very detail oriented, thorough, thoughtful, generous and an exceptional broker and consultant. David has a wealth of knowledge and experience that he is willing to share with colleagues as well as clients. He has an ability to explain complex matters to both novices as well as sophisticated investors.”

~Joe N.

“I had very minimal knowledge about real estate, and purchased my first 18 unit multifamily property back in 2007.  David Fantin consulted me on my first deal.  His expertise and analysis during the whole process from start to finish gave me the confidence to move forward to close on this deal.  They help in every aspect of the process.   David’s focused contributions in the due diligence process include pro-forma analysis, on-sight inspection, finance considerations, and final review analysis to help determine whether the deal is the right one for you/and your family.

I’ve gained so much knowledge and confidence working with David  that I  purchased my second apartment complex.  I’ve personally witnessed David Fantin’s sincere and focused analysis on my two transactions.”

~Tony C.
Client since 2005

As a real estate investor and transaction advisor, David Fantin and the Intero Companies are experts in driving value to hard asset transactions and increasing cash on cash return. As the CEO of a M&A firm, it is my job to look under the hood in transactions. We have done business together and I highly recommend David Fantin.

~Gower Idrees, CEO
RareBrain Capital, LP

“I left Corporate America to concentrate full time on real estate investing and closed as a passive investor on two more properties (487 units total).  By 2010, I had gained the confidence and experience necessary to run an apartment complex and with the continuing mentorship of David Fantin, I closed on my first deal as a managing partner, a 118 unit Class B complex.     …I closed on my second apartment complex as a managing partner in Humble, 127 units, with David representing me; this property is located just a mile from the other complex I own and operate.”

~Robert M.